The power of desires!

Desires are great allies, with whom we can strengthen our will power. The desire is a powerful motive for our ego. It gives us strength and causes us to coordinate all our abilities and to focus on the one desire goal that we are looking for.

You know the saying „Desire is the father of thought“. As you know, thoughts are powerful. Thoughts can inhibit us but also encourage us, and a strong desire triggers powerful streams of thought that drive us to the goal. The desire to achieve something always directs our thoughts to the goal. We are constantly reminded of what we are doing.

Anchoring your desires in your spiritual life. Let the desires – which must be the same with your goals – grow and foster the desire with passion. The desire to possess or achieve something has to grow, then his power also grows to help you.

The method of growing and making desires is a tremendous increase in your energy and will power. Through the „conscious“ intensification of the desire, this is firmly anchored in the subconscious. The subconscious mind now knows what you want and will be a powerful helper in this regard and strive to make your desires come true.

Work only with positive wishes and thoughts. Do not allow negative thinking about your goals and desires. If this happens anyway, the positive thoughts are neutralized again, and no success will occur. Allow your desire to take possession of your thinking, and you will inevitably reach what you desire.

Also use the autosuggestion and make sure your mental imagination and desire form a unity. Think again and again about your wish, your goal. Call back every hour in your memory what you want. Never take several wishes at the same time, for this leads to a diversification of your thoughts, and thus a weakening of them will occur. Three wishes are possible at the same time, if you distinguish between them in a near, middle and far destination. But never more. Use it a few days later to strengthen your current main wish and do it with joy and enthusiasm…

Yours Bernd M. Schmid (Finanz Punk)

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