A worldwide epidemic is spreading at breakneck speed!

The WHO fears that billions of individuals could be infected in the next 10 years, even in a completely disorganized and confused manner, with unpredictable consequences for our precious consumer society!

Here are the main symptoms of this terrible illness:

1. Allow the inclination to lead through his own intuition instead of under the pressure of anxieties, imposed ideas and behavior conditioned in the past.

2. Total lack of interest to judge others or oneself, or deal with something that could cause conflicts.

3. Total loss of ability to worry – this is one of the worst symptoms.

4. A constant sense of well-being in estimating people and things as they are, which means that you do not want to change others.

5. The effort to change oneself in a positive way for our own thoughts, feelings, emotions, body, material life and the environment so that our potential for health, creativity and love is fully developed.

6. Recurrent (repeated) attacks of smiles: A smile that says „thank you“ and creates a feeling of unity with everything that lives.

7. An ever-growing susceptibility to simplicity, laughter and joy.

8. Always more frequent moments in which one communicates with his soul in non-duality, which creates a pleasant feeling of satisfaction and happiness.

9. Finding satisfaction and behaves like a human who brings joy and happiness instead of criticism or indifference.

10. The ability to live alone, in a couple, in a family and in a community in a fast and equal way, without wanting to play the victim, the perpetrator or the rescuer.

11. A feeling of responsibility and bliss that one wants to give the world its dreams of a harmonious and peaceful future and a world in abundance.

12. Total acceptance of one’s own presence on earth, and the will to decide at any moment for what is beautiful, good, true and alive.

If you want continue to live in fear, addiction, conflict, disease, and conformism, then avoid contact with people who show the mentioned above symptoms. Because this disease is extremely contagious.

If your first symptoms show up, you have to know that your condition is probably hopeless. Medical treatments and legal / illicit drugs can suppress individual symptoms for a short time, but the inevitable progress of the disease can not be stopped.

There is no vaccination against happiness!

This disease of happiness, which involves the loss of the fear of death, is one of the central pillars on which the faith of materialist modern society is based. There can be a great social change which is wished to manifest itself in the loss of inclination to wage war, in the tendency to want to be in the making of gatherings of happy people who sing, dance and celebrate life. In the presence of groups that celebrate their physical and mental healing, have laughter and collective happiness.

May all hearts find peace…

By Bernd M. Schmid (Finanz Punk)

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