This entire monetary policy is a single bullying action, even of those they criticize. All deal exclusively with symptom treatment, no one points to the causes. The interest system appears as commanded by God. Only a few people have invented it to their advantage. With the interest-idea, they have entered so deeply into the life of this planet that everyone believes that interest is natural.

At the moment, by freeing ourselves from interest, there is no crisis, no wars, no catastrophes. The few families to which the interest system belongs by owning the Federal Reserve Bank, the Bank of England and the European Central Bank for the coronation are operating this planet, like their farm. „The one beasts are fattened; The others come to the chain, most of them to the slaughterhouse, others are bred and trained to work, etc. „The stock with which the farmer punishes his animals is called INTEREST. In order to govern the world with interest, the peasant draws his flocks, that is, all peoples into the debt trap. Whoever makes debts becomes an interest slave. In the meantime, all governments sit as interest-keepers at the table of interest takers. But they are not for discussion. They hide behind terms such as financial market, troika, banking supervision.

These beneficiaries are the actual criminals. Their bosses sit in the USA: Led by Rockefeller, Rothschild, Morgan, Carnegie. Also the German Rothschilds belong to it. With their interest money, they have missed a ring of noses to lead us to the battlefield whenever they want us to defend ourselves, although we are infinitely stronger than they are. They do not have to worry about dogsbodys, who can not be bought, is made silenced or will be killed.

When please we will be freed from interest? Anyone who makes money with money has declared war on God, says Islam. Jews can not take interest from another, and for Jesus, interest is devil’s work. But the Greens, the Pirates, the Left, and all other parties are holding fast to interest rates. That is to say, politics does not counteract our enslavement. On the contrary, it works for the beneficiaries. If an inviolable power institution is installed with the ESM, the beneficiaries can access any account in Europe and pledge debts. No one can resist it. Debts, – created by interest, – are the politically and militarily enforceable property rights of the beneficiaries, for which all peoples must work to ever-worsening conditions. And anyone who does not pay is seized or taken into execution. This is going to happen on a grand scale.

The rate of interest is above all popular sovereignty. Humanity works every second minute only for interest. The stuck in any price of any product. No single value chain is created without dept. Loans include interest and compound interest. Loans are pseudo – money – today only a shimmering computer number without its own value. In order to meet these computer numbers, 90% of people have to do real work. A race that no one can win. The lender and interest taker sits at the longest leverage, but only as long as people don´t free themselves from this slavery.

To understand this seems to be much, much suffering necessary. Suffering instead of learning is obviously the program. For how much longer? Until 2017, 2020, 2026 or 2047?

It´s time to wake up!

Bernd M. Schmid (Finanz Punk)



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