7 things which you can learn from nature

Are you looking for truth? After the meaning of life and for answers to your questions? Or maybe you are in a life crisis and you don´t know what to do?

In such situations, we tend to blame ourselves with books, and wisdom. OK, they might help you a bit further, and you will get to know many wisdoms of famous people.

Do you also know the wisdom of your heart? Do you know your own wisdom or have you ever listened to your inner voice? Would you sometimes want a book you can open up at any time that contains all the answers? Or would you rather have a best friend, who is at your side in all life questions and always has the right solutions ready?

What if I tell you now that you already have this book in your bookshelf and your omniscient best friend is waiting for you?

Yes, that is indeed so.

Nature is your best friend

Have you ever thought about learning a lot from nature? Some proved things that you can transfer to your life, which will carry you on and really enrich your life?

The nature and you, you are an unbeatable team. She is your best friend. In your silence, you can hear your inner voice, which includes all the answers to your questions. If you are looking for truth, in a life crisis or have questions to life, then nature is the book that you always can open up and from which you can learn anytime. There is no other guide, guru or expert who can give and teach you as much as nature! She is always there for you to take off load from you. You can trust her, she even removes your worries.

Today I would like to share a few things with you, that you could learn from nature:

1. Do not wait, start to move on

In life you often stand at a starting point and stare at your goal. But it is not the goal that makes you freeze, it should motivate you much more. What makes you afraid is the uncertainty and the unknown before you.

But if you stay at your starting point, your fear will grow and paralyze you. The solution is easy to move on. Go into the dark. Go to the unknown. Go to new experiences and take new ways.

And you know, life loves it when you just move. For in this way the unknown becomes experienceable. You are the light that illuminates this darkness. So move ahead and don´t wait.

2. Nature shows you your tempo

In nature, you must remember your own powers. If you surpass, you will have painful experiences. This is how you can learn from nature to get to know your resources and deal with them with care. The better you learn this, the more self-confidence you gain.

It’s like in life: sometimes you go slowly and another time fast. However, it is important that you don´t rush.

3. Nature speaks to you!

Nature has its own language. If you are conscious and careful in nature, she will speak to you. Their voice is the chirping of the birds, the rippling of the water, the sounds of the trees or the sound of the wind.

Her most important language, however, is the silence!

In this silence, you hear your inner voice, she will tell you your own wisdom and whisper the way through your life. She will say, for example, „Hey, do not worry, everything will be fine!“ I trust this voice more and more and go my way further.

4. Nature teaches you respect!

In nature, you experience how everything is connected and how much we depend on it. She provides us with food, water and fresh air. If you live in harmony with nature, it will never let you down. Respect nature and consider her as your partner and fellow player, not as an opponent.

5. Nature teaches you mindfulness!

As you know, the little things makes us happy and sweeten our lives. The beauty of nature is in the details. What you see and touch is the sum of many small things.

Learn to dive into nature and enjoy it to the fullest. Take care of the trifles: Watch the flower at the edge of the path, look at the stones and their texture and touch the trees. So your attitude to nature will change positively.

6. Nature is grounding you!

When you walk in nature, pay attention to your steps. Feel how your feet touch the earth. Feel how your bondage grows like a deep root into the earth. It will protect and hold you in the strongest storm of life.

7. Nature helps you arrive!

No matter where you are in nature, it is always nice to arrive. Whether you are after a hike in a hut, tents up your tents, or come back home after a long trip.

Be mindful and respectful towards nature!

Bernd M. Schmid (Finanz Punk)


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