What is the ego?

The ego is only the opposite of your true self. It´s not you. The ego is the deception created by society, so that you can continue to play with the toy, and never ask about the reality. Therefore, my insistence you will never recognize your true self unless you drop your ego. When you were born, you had your authentic self. Then the people around you have shaped you according to their ideas. Then they began to create a fake self: You are that religion, you have that skin color, that nationality, you have to be this and that to fulfill your wishes to control life,…


They create a wrong idea about who you are, they give you a name, and around the name they create ambition, conditioning according to their ideas. Finally it takes almost a third of your life to work on your ego. In school, church, college, university,…

When you finally leave the university, you have completely forgotten your innocent nature. Now you are a very great ego with education and awards. Now you are ready to go into the world. This ego has all desires and ambitions, always wants to be at the top of everything, and you are exploited by this ego. And this never gives you an insight into your real authentic self.

But your real life can only happen in your authenticity.

Therefore, this ego creates, misunderstanding, misery, suffering, struggle, frustration, madness, suicide, crime, isolation…

As a seeker of truth you will wake up at this point. Whatever was brought to you by your environment, what you are. Put it off. No one, only yourself, can know who you are. Neither your parents nor your teachers or your priests. Except for yourself, no one can enter into the inner space of your being. So no one knows anything about you, whatever they said about you, everything is wrong. Drop it. Disarm the whole ego. By recognizing the ego, you will discover your being. And this discovery is the greatest satisfaction of your being. For it triggers a whole new journey to the highest blessing, to eternal life. You can choose: Either frustration, suffering, misfortune, then hold on to the ego. Nourish it, or be in peace with yourself, but then discover your innocence again.

Bernd M. Schmid (Finanz Punk) for Jan


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